250 ml Kroon-Oil Stop Leak

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72 in stock



Oil Leak Stop is a revolutionary product for sealing porous and leaky gaskets. Oil Leak Stop is suitable for all common types of oil and systems. In 99% of all cases, porous or leaky gaskets of all types of materials are sealed. It does not contain any solid materials and does not alter the properties and lubricating effect of the oil. Oil Leak Stop can be used to postpone expensive repairs, or in many cases even avoid them. The unique formula of Oil Leak Stop provides the following benefits/properties:

  • Conditions seals
  • Prevents leaks and also has a protective effect
  • Does not negatively affect the lubricating properties of oil



Instructions for use:
Oil Leak Stop is suitable for all kinds of lubrication systems that include seals. This product is perfect for use in sectors such as: automotive, industry, agriculture and shipping. Add one 250ml bottle to the system for every 3 litres of crankcase volume.


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